Cash Advance Program


Innovative Solution Based on Credit Card Processing or Total Bank Deposits
When your business is in need of a cash flow, solution, we’ve got you covered—often within 24 hours! Our simple application process means you get the money you need fast and without hassle. We offer a number of solutions based on specific situations and will present your best options after reviewing your application. Industry’s we’ve worked with include: Agricultural, Hardware/software, Construction, Real Estate, Car Dealerships, Wholesale, Printing, Restaurant, Dry Cleaning, Office Equipment, Fitness, Automotive, Medical, Metal Work, Transportation, Manufacturing, Audio Visual, Post Production, Landscape, Waste/Recycling and more.


  • Advance Type – Bank Only ACH
  • Payments can be fixed or based on Daily Deposit Amount
  • NSF - 5 Maximum per Month
  • $15K & 6 Deposits Monthly Minimum
  • Credit Profile - 500 Fico
  • 15- 40% of Monthly Deposits
  • Credit Facility - Up to $1MM
  • Time in Biz - 6 Month Minimum
  • Bankruptcies and Foreclosures ok
  • Renewal Eligibility – when 70% ofbalance is paid
  • No Restricted Industries