Accept Cash for Online Payments

Access New Markets.
Attract More Customers.

Approximately half of the world's population are cash-preferred (unbanked,underbanked, teens or privacy concerned) consumers and have no bank account or limited access to traditional financial services. eCommerce merchants have not had a way, until now, to monetize this segment of consumers simply missing out on the substantial revenues they represent.

This program enables you to:

  • Add a new multi-million dollar cash-preferred consumer revenue channel
  • Access millions of cash-preferred consumers currently not making online purchases
  • Receive guaranteed payments with no declines or reversals
  • Eliminate fraud and chargeback risk
  • Enable cross border consumer shopping
  • Monetize current registered "free-to-use" consumers
  • Establish sales and marketing relationships with cash-preferred consumers
  • Increase conversion rates with incentive based check-out options
  • Implement a simple two step checkout process enabling online purchases with cash in minutes
  • Establish a recurring payment relationship through reusable cash accounts
  • Expand to 700,000+ Payment Center locations globally ensuring a high rate of conversion


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