Chargeback Retrieval Services


Leveling The Playing Field For The Honest Merchant

  1. Case handling: 
    Our program offers an outstanding win rate, an unsurpassable knowledge of the regulations, and a tenacious unrelenting hunger to win. Give us your cases and, on a contingency basis (so there is no risk to you), we will give you every reversal right you deserve and play the chargeback game to your greatest advantage.
  2. Free Help Line: 
    Call us and we will listen to your entire situation.  We will tell you, in detail, what we feel to be your best course of action.  Sometimes that course of action involves contracting for our services.  Many times it does not. In some cases, we may give you free advice in exchange for feedback as to the outcome of your using it.
  3. Fraud protection: 
    If you process sales online and receive fraud chargebacks you will receive them no more once you put us on the job eliminating fraud chargebacks before they ever come in the door.  Please check out our fraud protection page for more detail.
  4. Education: 
    For merchants with a steady stream of lower-dollar chargebacks we will, for a flat fee, do a comprehensive overview of your chargeback situation and provide you with detailed instructions, including form letters, as to how you can most effectively fight your own chargebacks.
  5. Low-dollar cases worked for a flat fee: 
    For a small flat fee per case, we will work chargebacks for recurring charge merchants and other merchants receiving numerous low-dollar chargebacks.  Please call and ask us for further information about this program.
  6. Risk Issues: 
    We can help you through any and every risk issue, or refer you to someone who can.  Please check out our risk issues page for more detail.

  7.  Referrals: 
    Whatever your problem is, if it has anything to do with the world of credit card processing, we can almost certainly help you by putting you in touch with the company in the industry ideally suited to handle your problem.

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