Leasing/Funding Programs


Get the cash you need when you need it!
When you need funding to expand, improve or continue your business, we can help. We can even secure the funds necessary to acquire equipment including machinery, computers, and other tangible goods.  There is no money required upon the lease execution or signing. And, we specialize in leasing that accepts bankruptcies that are 2 years or older. All businesses are welcome, including startups!  You may be able to write off the entire lease value against your taxes. Funding over $100,000 is available upon request.

Let us help you obtain cash for a variety of different situations, including:

  • Commercial Leases
  • Master Card / Visa Card
  • Merchant Cash Advance Program
  • Business Unsecured Lines of Credit
  • Business Secured Lines of Credit
  •  Caribbean Equipment Leasing   -  Caribbean Commercial Project Funding
  • Canadian Equipment Leasing