About Us

At Business Financial Resources, we take great pride in our consulting services. Established in 1992, we've built our business helping other businesses increase their sales and profitability by continuously bringing new cutting edge programs to our clients. Although merchant services are our primary business, we have worked throughout the spectrum of business services and products, including, but not limited to, financial aid, chargeback protection, foreign accounts and more.

We look forward to adding you to our client base so that we can benefit your business as we have done for so many others in the past.


We are the experts, waiting to help set you up:

Accept Cash Payments for Online Sales

Access to a whole new world of customers! There are many benefits to offering this option to your customers. This program allows potential customers without credit cards or bank accounts to buy online from you! Guaranteed payments with no declines or reversals.

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Cash Advance Based on
Monthly Deposits

When you need cash quickly, we can help access it. Our program allows you to borrow based on your monthly deposits.

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Accept Chinese Credit Cards

Tap into the world's #1 economic boom by accepting credit cards from Chinese customers--a quickly growing market for Internet/luxury items sold in America! This is an incredible opportunity that will help you bring in more business. There is no cost to set up this program until you take payments.

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In Store Customer Financing

Give customers another option when buying from you! Great for  high ticket items that customers want/need to buy but are unable to pay in full at the time, or for customers who want to purchase the products on an installment repayment plan.

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Free Energy Savings Analysis

Companies Compete to offer you the lowest rates!  Smart businesses are checking this out and so should you. This exciting new program, available in de-regulated states is currently being offered through one of our most innovative partners.

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Check Processing

With our innovative electronic payment processing partners, you can accept ACH/check payments, whether you’re running a retail brick and mortar business, Internet-based store or anything else.

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Chargeback Retrieval

Combat fraudulent charges and win back the funds that are rightfully yours.  Our solution has an extremely high success rate helping businesses who have been affected by fraud. 

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Leasing/Funding Programs

From heavy equipment to office equipment, we can help you get what you need to start up or keeps business running the way it should. 

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