chinese creadit card

Tap into the worlds' #1 economic boom—China!

Accept credit cards from Chinese customers--a quickly growing market for Internet/luxury items sold in America! This is an incredible opportunity that will help you bring in more business.

Savvy merchants can capitalize on the fact that there are 500 million internet user in China!


Chinese tourists spend heaps in NYC

"Chinese visitors are flocking to New York in rising numbers,
thanks to increased wealth and easier visa requirement."

Read the whole aricle from Crain's New York Business


No requirement to open a foreign corporation to do business.

No need to restructure how you’re currently doing business.

Process and settle transactions in USD.
By taking advantage of relationships with banks and marketing partners, our program makes your small to mid-size business an equal player in China’s booming online economy.
Add a new card type. Increase Revenue
Over 2 billion people in China use the UnionPay card, and we make it easy for your business to accept it. This card bypasses U.S. Acquiring restrictions on foreign cards - it’s outside those restrictions - which means it’s ready for your business.
No currency conversion issues.
Shoppers and your business interact seamlessly.

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